Fed up running the Points Race? Further your Education at DFEi

Are you looking for further education options? DFEi will be exhibiting at Virtual Education Expo on Thursday, 9th September. You can visit their virtual booth anytime between 10am and 4pm to ask their team any questions you might have about their courses. Furthermore, you can download college material and attend webinars throughout the day. You can register today to get FREE ACCESS to this online event.

About DFEi

Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute sits quietly on Cumberland Street, a little way from the Dun Laoghaire that many recognise as the place for a 99 or a brave sea swim. But do not be fooled by their low-key exterior; exciting things are happening within. This is the place where students come from near and far to further their education.

In an uncertain world, DFEi retains an unwavering record of providing solid teaching and support, and sending graduates to Third Level or straight into employment.

Further Education colleges are now recognised as very real and viable channels into Third Level education and the workplace, whether you are a school leaver or a mature student.


Learning experience

Further Education stands out among other education sectors as a sector which blends students from all backgrounds. DFEi is a melting pot of students from different backgrounds with different ambitions, learning together happily.

The facilities encourage harmony and learning, with a warm, welcoming canteen and a Learning Centre; a bright, attractive, bespoke study zone, fully equipped and technologically advanced.



More traditional hands-on disciplines also have their place at DFEi, including designing and making furniture, or making and repairing musical instruments.

Step back and take a look at the bigger picture, and you can also see DFEi’s Architectural Technology & Design and Construction & Engineering courses preparing students for larger-scale projects.


Full STEM ahead

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses are a proven route to employment and to Third Level institutions. The pre-university courses in Laboratory Techniques and Food Science are the ideal way to get started in a career in STEM.

Remember, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has identified a shortage in the STEM graduates needed to take up the jobs that call for their skills. There is also another side of STEM to explore, through our Computing & Electronic Technology or Software courses.

All these STEM courses are supported by FIT (Fast Track into IT), a unique IT-led initiative that enhances your prospects of translating the skills you learn into solid employment.


Leading from the front

On the other hand, you may feel more comfortable in a ‘front of house’ role: managing situations, in other words. Then you might consider a DFEi course in Human Resources, Pre-University Business Studies with Law, or Marketing.


Medical breakthroughs

The Community & Social Care course can deliver the skills you need to work with people with dementia, disabilities, and mental health and social issues. Nursing Studies is a very popular course at DFEi, with a clear and proven path to Third Level nursing degree programmes in Ireland and the UK.


Four legs good

Students taking on DFEI’s Animal Health Care courses can look forward to enjoying state-of-the-art facilities and regular field trips while learning from practicing professionals.

The courses include tuition in Animal Grooming and Canine Obedience. Staff and students are often invited to bring their pooches into the College for students to groom, so you may see friendly four-legged folk around the building.


Mixed media

Want to be that successful face, or voice, that the public recognize and relate to? DFEi have a range of courses to get you there: TV & Digital Film, Audio-Visual Production, or Journalism for New Media, TV and Radio.

Furthermore, the Institute offers courses in Sound Production and Music Production, taught by professionals, working in their field of expertise.

All courses are delivered using industry-standard hardware and software. You are encouraged to make your own recordings, broadcast your own radio show, edit your own TV programme, or report on the stories around you through your own podcast.


DFEi’s Got Talent

Life at DFEi is punctuated by a vibrant calendar of social events showcasing the immense student talent.

Then there is the many live events to give students from the music and arts-orientated courses the chance to show their skills in action… often in the canteen, aka The Hub, which is also equipped with stage, sound booth and acoustic panelling.


The next level

DFEi courses are designed to meet current industry standards. You will learn the fundamental skills you need to get you further along the route to a Third Level qualification, if that is your goal.

Experience has proved that every student is unique, so if you have particular learning support requirements, DFEi will ensure that your needs are met.


Proven to work

The quality assured courses are run for anyone seeking to enhance their prospects for employment or entry to Third Level education.

The courses have solid records of sending graduates to the Third Level college of their choice, as is evidenced in the high number of students securing places. DFEi send their students to Trinity, UCD, DCU, and some even go beyond Dublin to other universities and ITs.

If you did not get the Third Level course you wanted in the Leaving Certificate, a year here is one proven way to get to where you want to be.

Take the Pre-University Arts, Culture & History course for example – an excellent foundation for an Arts Degree in NUI, covering subjects such as archaeology, folklore and local history.

Though some can have the idea that the Higher Links Scheme is complex, the formula is simple: eight QQI Level 5 or 6 models with as many distinctions as you can get. The Institute will take you through your needs for your chosen course, and from then it’s down to the expert teaching and your hard work.


Safety first

The safety of students and staff is a top priority, now more than ever.

DFEi have implemented a comprehensive Covid-19 Safety Policy.

The aim is to ensure that students and staff are as safe as possible, without compromising the learning experience.

Any questions?

Find out more about Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute, and all it have to offer you, at Virtual Education Expo on 9th September (10am-4pm)




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