Oscars International will be live at the Virtual Education Expo on June 18th!

Oscars International is an English Language school based in Dublin City Centre, which delivers English language courses to learners of all levels, both face to face and online. Thousands of students from around the world learn to become fluent in English in a fun and supportive learning environment with Oscars International.

Why study English Online with Oscars International?


Oscars International is part of the City Education Group, a leading provider of educational programmes in Ireland, with over 9 years’ of experience of delivering exceptional educational experiences, both face to face and online. Our English Online classes are taught by our expert teachers who are highly skilled in both their subject area and online teaching.


There has never been a more important time to develop new skills and explore new ways of working together, whilst observing social distance. Oscars Online Academy programmes provide dynamic live, online classes. These classes afford learners the chance to study and collaborate with other English language learners in a small virtual online class, led by our expert teachers. In our Oscars International Online Classes, our learners make new friends from around the world in a safe, supportive environment which aids their English language learning.


Studying with Oscars International allows you to combine your English language course with a choice of career-enhancing programmes such as Part-Time Career Diplomas, a Paid Work Placement, Internship Placements and much more. These specialised programmes are taught by experts in their field, in order to enhance the learning process and outcomes for each of our students.



At Oscars International, we are focused on providing solutions to your needs as a student. Whether you want to thrive in your professional career, use English for academic purposes or just learn another language that allows you to communicate with new people, we have vast experience in helping our students to attain their very best. Whatever you hope to achieve, we will provide you with the right programme to suit your needs and help you to attain your desired outcome.


All our language classes are taught live online. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers deliver live lessons in a dynamic environment, following the same curriculum as in a face to face environment, and with the same student participation that you would expect in a traditional classroom.



Our teachers specifically design their online lessons in order to ensure that they are as interactive as possible. Speaking activities include breakout rooms, where students can discuss topics and issues with classmates, before returning to the main class forum for feedback from their teacher. Our teachers also utilise whole class activities.


Our teachers set extra exercises and upload material on Google Classroom so that students get the opportunity to prepare work outside of lesson times.

Check out this video to see what our current students say about Oscar’s International Online Courses!


A Message from our Director of Studies – Aoife Harrington

“At Oscars International, we are committed to placing the learner at the centre of dynamic and engaging lessons. Our courses offer a curriculum which focuses on promoting life-long learning strategies for learners at all stages, and developing skills which can be readily applied to interactions in the real world as well as for language learning”.

Contact us today for more information – info@oscarsinternational.com

Why not come along and meet us, live, online at the Virtual Education Expo at 10 a.m. on June 18th? We look forward to discussing our courses with you and answering any questions that you may have!

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