The Importance of Health, Wellbeing & Personal Development Training

Why is Health, Wellbeing & Personal Development Training so important? Ireland’s economic story may well be laden with ups and downs, but there are plenty of indicators that all is not as it should be with regard to the health and wellbeing of the populace. The levels of depression and loneliness have not improved with our increased wealth, and over-consumption has led to an alarming rise in obesity. 

Health, Wellbeing & Personal Development Training

It is widely recognised that the individual carries out the first and foremost defence against ill health. The old adage of prevention being better than the cure still holds true, and numerous nightcourses are available for people who wish to maintain their good health, snuffing out or managing ailments before they require the attention of doctors and antibiotics. 

One of the best ways prevent future health problems for yourself and your family is a course in nutrition. It will also offer excellent career and higher education opportunities and be extremely useful if you are looking to stay (or get back!) in shape.

Alternative Paths

Alternative medicine courses are becoming more and more accepted as people search for ways of finding some kind of understanding of the world around them. The East is a particular source of enlightenment, with disciplines such as acupuncture, meditation, reiki, aromatherapy, shiatsu, tai-chi and Indian head massage classes all popular. Many of these practices have long and rich histories and speak of concepts such as ‘energies’ and ‘forces’ that don’t appear in most medical textbooks, causing some to be skeptical about their benefits and merits. Scientific proof isn’t really the point in these cases – most people enrolling in these classes do so with their eyes open and have a genuine interest in the subject matter.

Other people don’t look quite so far afield for their inspiration. Popular psychology classes are a very common option, with many people choosing subjects such as self-development, spiritual healing, stress management, hypnotherapy, life-coaching, assertiveness, dream interpretation and psychoanalysis.

Making Good Choices

All these options can be of help for those struggling with their work-life balance. They promote self-awareness, a vital pre-requisite for any attempt to rearrange your life, and give you the techniques to combat problems such as stress and poor timekeeping. 

There are many career options in the area of health and wellbeing. It is possible to study in the evening to gain a career expanding qualification in a wide range of subjects such as child development, Montessori, psychology, special needs and counseling. Part-time nursing courses are very popular for those who are seeking acceptance to a full-time course in higher education. Pre-marriage and parenting courses are also available, while qualifications in subjects such as beauty, manicure, style and hairdressing are listed in this section of the guide.

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Our site details various course that appeals to your individual personality and circumstances. Different people look to different activities and recreations to keep themselves healthy and well. Whether you decide to get a more fit by taking up yoga, or find personal awareness through transcendental meditation, is up to you. There is no one path to physical and mental wellbeing – but everyone needs some kind of release every now and again.


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